"That they may be one"

Enhancing the Spiritual Growth of Churches.

GCA is dedicated for the enrichment of the body of Christ in this end times. One of the main focus is to protect the Churches at times of peril. CA ensures the protection of churches and to see the unity among the Leaders and Pastors are well preserved to maintain solidarity irrespective of Denominations.

The future leaders of the World are not on the college campus today. If we change the campus, We will eventually change families, nations, and the world.


“We are the corporation that is organized to glorify God by assisting in the planting and developing of Bible-believing international churches globally, wherein an environment of worship, Biblical instruction, fellowship, and evangelism can be created, whereby the believers can develop to maturity in Christ and be adequately equipped to do the work of the ministry.”


Change the world our mission has a global scale,but our real impact is measured in the lives of those who there the gospel, becomeDisciples of Christ, and go on to share their testimony with others. We believe strongly in developing, training, and empowering local young leaders to transform their communities.

The great Commission calls us to preach the gospel to all people. We will not stop until we have done our part in reaching every nation in our generation.

Experience a personalized global mission’s strategy that directly impacts people and accomplishes compassion-based projects.

Bring sustainable transformation to communities isolated from church resources and resources and relationships through the indigenous local church.

Connect to the far reaches of the world where access is limited and the church is desperate for help.

"Let us go. Together we’II reaches ever nation and every campus"